C R E A T I V E - D I R E C T O R


P R E M I U M   G R O U P   D I G I T A L

Premium Group is a the biggest tradeshow in Berlin hosting over 2000 brands biannually during the Berlin Fashion Week. As part of their digital strategies the company developed Premium Group Digital, a platform where brands and retailers can stay connected during and after the trade shows. 

As their creative director, I was in charge of developing and overlooking content uploaded in our platform. I also managed our overall aesthetics, designed print and online material for marketing strategies, and provided clients with design consultations. 



For online strategies we created a newsletter encouraging brands to update their profile and continue making sales via our platforms. 

Brand Consultation

During and after the trade shows, I consulted some brands by creating beautiful aesthetics for their online profiles.



The print material consisted of flyers given during the trade shows such as an introduction flyer for our platform, "How to Flyer", and business cards.